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Please fill out the following form to request data from our office. You must supply your Name and Email address (phone number optional) so that we can contact you with payment options.
Please contact the Columbia County Property Appraiser at 386-758-1087 for more information.


CAMA Data Price
Full CAMA export (View1 - View 5 files) $75.00
NAL only (View 1) $ 15.00
Land table only (View 2) $ 15.00
Building table only (View 3) $ 15.00
Sales only (View 4) $ 15.00
Extra Features only (View 5) $ 15.00

GIS Data Price
Parcel Data $50.00
Road Centerline (contact: $ Upon Request
Subdivision Polygons $ 25.00
Subdivision Lot Polygons $ 25.00
Subdivision Block Polygons $ 25.00
Parcel Lines $ 25.00
Data Delivery Method
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